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The NovaFerm® products are a result of a 18 years old research and development




The Nova Scienta Ltd is a 19 years old company dealing with biotechnology and agrochemistry in Hungary.  The company produce conventianl and 3rd generation microbiological preparates for agriculture. The research group of the Nova Scienta Ltd has developed its natural bacteria-based preps as a result of a research that has been lasting for years. They have been focusing on elaborating and selection of microbiological preparations that is useful in daily practice of agriculture.

As it is well known, conventional microbial preparations are based on vegetative bactariae which – although  work very well if environmental conditions are ideal – still have some vulnerabilities. After long R&D and engineering periode the research group of the Nova Scienta Ltd managed to change these vulnerabilities by final selection of special extremofil bacterial strains. The sustaining strains that form a persistent formule (spore, cyst, cocoon) with uniqual and complex features, have become the active substances inside the NOVAFERM® products. The bacterial strains and the preparations have obtained international IP protection.

The special character of the selected bacterial strains involved are – among others –  the high UV and sunlight tolerance, the high heat- and frost, drought tolerance.  Also, they can be well mixed with numerous pesticides and inorganic nutrients. Depending on their types, they can be applied into the soil or onto plant leaves. Preparations for soil should not necessarily be introduced into it immediately after application. They can stay on soil for weeks without suffering any depreciation and wait to be used in soil. These preparations can be stored without cooling and airing for 12 months. They have been made for dedicated, robust field usage.




Basic nutrient preparations

The NovaFerm® MULTI (seed-bed and stem residue treatment of soil): disaggregates plant residues, fixing nitrogen from air, liberalise the blocked-form Potassh (K) and Phosphorus (P)  and other mezo- and microelements. Also, with the help of Bacillus subtilis, it gives a very efficient anti-fungal effect, it has a selective effect on pathogenic fungi, meaning it only degrades the harmful ones, it collaborates with the saprophite fungi that are useful to environment.

The NovaFerm® DUAL (foliar treatment of leaves and sprout system) is a means for long term feeding and conditioning of plants. It creates several phytoactive substances. It has been developed to support strong vegetative growth, it can prevent the growth of pathogenic fungi on sprout system and plant leaves, and balancing many enviromental stress problems (i.e: management of drought).

New bioactive biostimulants

The NovaFerm® SIRIUS was created on basis of a foliar product and can be applied on plant leaves and sprout system. This product is strongly fungistaic and has anti-fungic effect. The appropriate biological effect is provided by the high number of individual bacteriae from the strains Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis. The preparation is already accepted in several EU countries and its  further validation is on the run.

The NovaFerm® VIVA (incorporated into the seed bed to soil) and the NovaFerm® ORION (applied foliarly on sprout system and leaves) are able to keep a large scale of harmful insects away from soil and from plant leaves. They contain natural antagonistic elements. In the combined preparations created as results of researches, the Bacillus thuringiensis and Photorhabdus luminescens strains are combined mixtures of bacterial strains. They proved to be highly effective when their biological efficiency was investigated. Unlike other preparations on the market, they are able to act on the surface of plants, immediately and in the long run as well. These preparations also, have already been accepted in several EU countries and their further validation is on the run.

New seed-treatment agents

Our research group has also considered the need of agriculture for seed treatment products. Also, as known, several synthetic and environmentally questionable active substances have recently been and will be withdrawn from the market. That happening has made the market turn towards natural-born seed-treatment substances.

In case of our NovaFerm® RHIZO-A seed-innoculant, the target is the seed of soy and other leguminous plants and, in case of our NovaFerm® RHIZO-B the target is the seed of the cereals, maize, shorgum. The innoculants specifically protect the juvenile plant against fungal diseases, help the fast nutrient supply, creation of root-nodes and stimulate development of root-zone. Besides all their special characters a very important element should also be considered: they highly resist to bacteriophages which ruin the efficiency and innoculants. The seed-coating technology is also subject of international IP protection.

Combined preparates

Conventional farming can receive some of our liquid products too. Those are available with starter microgranulate and NPK fertilizers (NovaStart Basic and Nova LOR) format.

The sale of NOVAFERM® products is being done by our exclusive importing trade representatives who have special experience in the field of such incoming products.

Nova Scienta Ltd.



„The soil without biology is only geology!”TM