Bioactive Npk Fertilizers

NovalorThe NovaLOR® product is the result of the research conducted on the field of green biotechnology. In plant nutrition the use of bioactive NPK fertilisers ensures outstanding achievements both in quality and quantity. Beside the active materials of mineral fertiliser the products also contains natural born microbial cultures and biological substances (growth factors, amino acids) as named NovaFerm VIVA® components. With application of the products, the amount of normal mineral fertilisers and pesticides can be optimised or even reduced. The results of our green biotechnological research contribute to decreased burden on the environment and on the long term to improved soil-life and soil quality and to increased crop quality and quantity.

 The microbial and bioactive substances (NovaFerm VIVA®) of the products provide the following additional extra nutrient amounts:

  • Clean nitrogen equivalent to 40-70 kg active N material per hectare
  • The phytase enzyme – produced by the bacteria of the mineral fertiliser from the phosphorus fixed in plant and other green residue – provides circa 20 kg/ha phosphorus
  • Mobilising mineralised P and K by natural chelating agents: lactate, citrate, malate, ascorbate (provides plus 10-20 kg/ha phosphorus and 25-40kg/ha potassium)

Spring mixtures:

  • NOVALOR SUN Complex NPK 6-10-16 + 25 SO3 + 0,1 B
  • NOVALOR CORN Complex NPK 8-15-15 + 3 CaO + 22,5 SO3
  • NOVALOR PRO CORN Complex NPK 14-14(21 P2O5)-10 + 2,6CaO + 0,7MgO + 7,5SO3
  • NOVALOR PRO SUN Complex NPK 8-19(23P2O5)-24 + 1,7CaO + 0,5MgO + 5,2SO3

 Utilisation example:

Nutrient for plants (average of 200 kg/ha dosage):

6-10-16 + 25 SO3 + 0,1 B blended or complex

2 x 6 kg N = 12 kg N
2 x 10 kg P = 20 kg P
2 x 16 kg K = 32 kg K


Nutrient for plants (average of 200 kg/ha dosage):

6-10-16 + 25 SO3+0,1 B

12 kg N + 40 -70 kg N = 52-82 kg N
20 kg P + 30-40 kg P = 50-60 kg P
32 kg K + 25-40 kg K = 57-72 kg K