NovaFermThe main element of equalized production of harvested fruit is the optimal level of nutrition to capability of fruit mating and permanent generation of buds. Besides of this, the fresh-sprout generation in vegetation stage is most important topics focused to the next-year production and yields. In fruit production the NovaFerm® foliar products have a positive effect on the flora of the leaf surface; generate an intensive shoot-growth, they improve the quality of the yields. They improve the resistance of fruit-trees against to serious fungal diseases in vegetation (Venturia, Podospharea) and protect the fruits in long term storage-periode (Monilia).

 Foliar treatment 3-4x in season

• The total number of buds increases, the distribution of leaf buds on the sprout tips is even
• Short internodes equilibrate even in arid climatic conditions
• Yield: from 40 t/ha to a stable 45-50 t/ha
• Acid/sugar ratio changes (titratable acidity decreases from 3,6 to 3,3 g/100 g)
• Number of fruit per tree: 8% elevation
• Average weight of 100 pcs of fruit: 6,3 % elevation
• Area of covering colour is 25% larger in fruits, roborative effect in injured fruits
• Area of covering colour is 25% larger
• Venturia/Phodospharea contamination prevalence decreases
• The frequency of usage of systhemic-fungicids can be reduced


NovaFerm Dual

NovaFerm Dual:

20l/ha, foliarly, from the stage of
appearance of green surfaces, max. 2-4
times before maturing of fruits (spraying
in flowering forbidden) with 1000 l/
ha water, in 3-3,5 % concentration,
combined with other pesticide