NovaFermIn cereal production the NovaFerm® products have a positive influence on the processes of soil life. With their bacteria specially associated to the root zone of cereals belonging to the family of grasses (wheat, barley, rye, oat) they promote the root development and the ideal nutrient supply of the root zone. By stabilising the flora of the leaf surface they strengthen the resistance of wheat to fungal diseases (Fusarium, Erysiphe, Puccinia). During the vegetation period byimproving the nutrient supply they increase the yield and quality of the product and the positively change important characteristic parameters (HL weight, crude protein, values for baking).



NovaFerm Multi

1. NovaFerm Multi:

10l/ha, before sawing, at preparationof
seed-bed, incorporated into the top
5-10 cm, with 200-300 l/ha water,
in 3-3,5 % concentration combined
with presowing herbicides.


NovaFerm Dual

2. NovaFerm Dual:

10l/ha, foliarly, max twice from tillering
before flag leaves appear, with 200-300 l/
ha water, in 3-3,5 % concentration, combined
with any postemergent pesticides.