Novastart Basic

Complex NP-Ca/Mg+Zn+Fe
content microgranulate

EC fertiliser

The NovaStart Basic starter is an element of the environment conscious and cost effective plant cultivation agrotechnology.
The microgranulated starter fertiliser is an environmental friendly plant nutrition tool with which the costs of basic and in-vegetation nutrition can be reduced. Beside its high water soluble phosphorus content it also contains all the mezo- (Ca, Mg) and microelements (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mo, B) and natural stimulants (NovaFerm VIVA®) which are the most important for initial plant development.


Concentration m/m %
Nitrogen ≥ 7,0
Phosphorus (P2O5) ≥ 32,0
Magnesium (MgO) ≥ 6,5
Calcium (CaO) ≥ 9,5
Zinc ≥ 1,0
Iron ≥ 0,5

Physical and chemical

Nitrogen (m/m%) ≥ 7,0
Phosphorus (P2O5 m/m%) ≥ 32,0
Magnesium (MgO m/m%) ≥ 6,5
Calcium (CaO m/m%) ≥ 9,5
Zinc (Zn m/m%) ≥ 1,0
Iron (FR m/m%) ≥ 0,5
Particle size (0,4-1,2 mm) 95 %
Density (kg/m3) 870-950
Humidity (m/m%) 1,0
Colour from greenish blue
to brown


For most plants the high phosphorus, the natural stimulators and the microelements incorporated at sawing promotes effective and fast plant growth in the early phenophases by ensuring fast root growth. Depression resulting from phosphorus deficiency can be effectively prevented by applying the product, even under adverse weather or depressive environmental conditions, ensuring dynamic development. Owing to its microgranulate form (particle size: 0,5–1 mm) it provides perfect dispersal directly around the seed in the seedbed, its components can be absorbed by the plant roots from the start.

Early intensive root formation results in larger root mass, thus the plant can better endure unfavourable weather periods (drought, arid climate). This positive effect will present itself in the amount and quality of the produce.

Effective and economical

The specific surface of the microgranulates is exponentially larger than that of the conventional granulates (approx. 2.000 particle/gr). Since the mobility of phosphorus in the soil is limited the size of the surface through which the rootlets can contact the phosphorus and other mezo- and micro nutrients in the soil is of great importance. The appropriate particle size distribution (0,5–1 mm) of the product provides perfect dispersal around the seed by which the roots can absorb the nutrients indispensable for early development from the start.

Instructions for use

Plant culture
for use
Corn, soy,
25 kg/ha at sawing
into seed-bed
Cereals, rips,
30 kg/ha at sawing
into seed-bed
Vegetables 25 kg/ha at sawing or
before planting
into planting
Grape, fruit 20-80 g/stem at planting
into the
planting hole