NovaFermThe key element in successful production of sugar beet is the perfect plant nutrition higly focused to the equalized boric and potassium supplementation for expected higher sugar content of beet-root. In sugar-beet cultivation the NovaFerm® products have a positive effect on the flora of the root zone and the leaf surface; they improve the quantity and quality of the yield by optimising the nutrition supply and promoting the absorption of the nutrients in the soil. They improve the resistance of suger-beet against to serious fungal diseases (Cercospora, Macrophomina).



NovaFerm Multi

1. NovaFerm Multi:

10l/ha, before sawing, at preparation
of seed-bed, incorporated into the top
5-10 cm, with 200-300 l/ha water, in
3-3,5 % concentration even at together
with presowing herbicide treatment.


NovaFerm Dual

2. NovaFerm Dual:

10l/ha, foliarly, from the stage of 8-12
leaves, max. two times before drill
closing, with 200-300 l/ha water, in
3-3,5 % concentration, combined with
postemergent pesticide treatments.