NovaFermThe key for increased and even sunflower yield is nutrition and within this the provision of evenly absorbable phosphorus supply necessary for achene formation. In sunflower cultivation the NovaFerm® products have a positive effect on the flora of the root zone and the leaf surface; they improve the yield and quality of the product by optimising the nutrition supply and promoting the absorption of the nutrients in the soil. They improve the resistance of sunflower to fungal diseases (Sclerotinia, Phoma, Alternaria, Peronospora).



NovaFerm Multi

1. NovaFerm Multi:

10l/ha, before sawing, at preparing
seed bed, incorporated into the top 5-10
cm of the soil, with 200-300 l/ha water,
in 3-3,5 % concentration combined with
presowing herbicides.


NovaFerm Dual

2. NovaFerm Dual:

10l/ha, foliarly, from the stage of 6-8
leaves, max. twice before the development
of the reproductive organs (flower),
with 200-300 l/ha water, in 3-3,5 %
concentration, combined with any
postemergent pesticides.